How to Overclock an Asus Eee PC 1000H

Updated April 17, 2017

Overclocking is a way to speed up the clock frequency on a computer's central processing unit (CPU), which makes the computer run faster. CPU manufacturers typically set their products to run slow to maintain the lifespan of the hardware, as well as to conserve battery life in laptop computers. Overclocking a computer is very easy when it comes to the steps that need to be taken, but the process of overclocking should be studied carefully before it is actually done. Overclocking generally voids a computer's warranty. Overclocking makes the computer create more heat, and overclocking too much can cause a fire, destroying the computer.

Download and install Eeectl. Eeectl is a program designed specifically for the Asus Eee series computers. It is easy to use and allows the computer's user to adjust clock speeds on the fly. The program also comes with a temperature monitor, a fan-speed control and a screen backlight control. For users who have some experience with programming, Eeectl can be customised by editing the INI file. When Eeectl is in use, make sure the AIBooster program that comes with the Asus computer is disabled. The two programs do not work well together.

Download and install SetFSB. SetFSB is an overclocking program that can be easily accessed. To use the program, the computer's Phase Locked Loop (PLL) must be known. Open the computer and look for the chip with "ISU" printed in white. Note the numbers written on the chip and use them when SetFSB starts up. Beginning overclockers can use the program for small steps in hardware performance, but advanced users have a wide variety of widgets available to tweak overclocking performance.

Use the AIBooster program that comes bundled with the computer. This program is designed for very simple overclocking and can also adjust CPU voltage and memory frequency. AIBooster is bundled with the Asus motherboard package that comes with the computer, so installing a new operating system will cause it to disappear. Also, AIBooster is limited in its scope, so it can perform only small overclocking exercises and users aren't able to modify its abilities as they are with other programs.

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