How to Reset the Radio in an Audi

After having the battery in your Audi replaced, you might find that none of the vehicle's radio controls works and that the display screen is showing a perplexing "Safe" message. Though this can be massively inconvenient, it's an antitheft function designed to keep your Audi safe. To regain control of your vehicle's audio systems panel, input the appropriate antitheft code to reset the radio.

Examine the front of the radio in your Audi vehicle to locate the exact model number; make a note of it.

Call an Audi dealership or service centre to obtain the four-digit antitheft code required to reset the radio. Give the Audi representative the exact radio model number to ensure that you receive the appropriate reset code.

Press and hold the "PSCAN" and "RDBS" buttons until the "Code" message appears on the digital display, followed by "1000"; release the buttons. Note that the two-button combination that triggers the radio unlocking sequence might vary. Consult your Audi dealership for the two-button unlocking sequence specific to your radio model.

Enter the four-digit antitheft code using the numbered radio preset buttons. For example, if the antitheft code were "1672," you would press the "Preset 1" button once, the "Preset 2" button six times, the "Preset 3" button seven times and the "Preset 4" button twice.

Press and hold the "PSCAN" and "RDBS" buttons, or similar two-button unlocking sequence, until the "Code" message appears, indicating that the radio has been successfully reset.


If you have your vehicle identification number, you might be able to look up the antitheft codes for your Audi online.


After pressing the two-button unlocking sequence in Step 3, do not press either of those buttons again until the radio has been reset. Pressing either of the buttons used in the two-button unlocking sequence during the resetting process will cause the radio to think that those buttons are part of the antitheft code.

Things You'll Need

  • Audi radio model number
  • Audi antitheft codes
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