How to Build a Large Wire Frame Lighted Tree

Updated February 21, 2017

Bring light to the dark corners of your home with a sculptural lighting element. Work up a large wire frame tree over the course of an afternoon, and you'll have an art piece that will spark conversation and act as a convenient place for year-round ornaments, memorabilia and other small, tie-on bric-a-brac. Favour LED lights for your lighted wire tree sculpture since they won't heat up your tree's wire frame the way a string of incandescent lights would.

Snip the thicker copper wire into 10 pieces 10 feet long. Place all the pieces next to each other and even out their ends.

Fold the wire pieces at their centres and twist them together about 18 inches from where you folded them in half. Continue twisting tightly, working your way up several feet of copper wire to create a trunk. Leave enough wire at the end to create branches.

Bend the wires coming up from the tree trunk into the general silhouette of branches. Twist some of the branches together to make larger, thicker branches.

Wrap the tree's trunk with LED lights, starting at the bottom of the trunk with the battery pack end of the lights. Once you've reached the branches, run the LED lights up and down the branches.

Unroll the thinner wire. Coil it around the trunk, beginning in the same place you started the LED lights. Cover the boot and the light strand now snaking up it with the thinner wire. Continue coiling until you reach the branches, and then coil up and down the branches that have lights.

"Plant" the wire tree inside the decorative pot, along with the LED lights' battery pack. Fill the pot to the brim with glass beads to provide a decorative touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Wire cutters
  • 100 feet of copper wire, 15 gauge
  • 50 feet of copper wire, 18 gauge
  • 50-foot strand of LED mini lights, battery-powered
  • Large decorative planter pot
  • Glass beads
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