How to Reset a Snom 300

Updated February 21, 2017

The Snom 300 telephone has a two-line LCD display that provides call information, with a menu-driven interface to navigate its features. It is suitable for use in small offices, call centres, lobbies and in the home. You can customise its six free function keys to configure such features as hold, call transfer or call forward. After using it for a while, the changes you make to its settings may no longer suit your purposes and you might want to reset it.

Press the navigation button downward to bring up the "Settings Menu" in the Snom 300's display.

Press the navigation button to navigate to the "Configuration-Reset" option, then press the check-mark icon to bring up the "Configuration-Reset" screen in the display.

Type the administrator's password into the text box marked "Admin Mode Pwd."

Press the check-mark icon. The Snom 300 will reboot and the phone will be reset.

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