How to Buy Replacement Cushions for Wicker Furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Over time, wicker furniture cushions can tear, mould, stain and show signs of age. While your wicker ottoman may look great, that old cover isn't doing you any favours. Obtaining a replacement cover is fairly easy, but if you have oddly shaped furniture or very specific aesthetics, you may need to shop a bit for something that works. Replace the cushions on your wicker furniture when they begin to wear or mould, and store cushions properly in the off season to help extend their life.

Look at the cushions currently on your wicker furniture to determine their manufacturer and model. Cushions should have a manufacturing tag. Write down the information you find there, which may be a model name or a product number.

Contact the company that made your wicker furniture to find out about ordering replacement cushions. Let the representative know what model you have. If you are uncertain what model you have, browse the company website before you call to locate the model. Also take several pictures of your furniture. Wicker furniture company Lloyd Flanders helps customers identify their furniture from images.

Order replacement cushions directly from the furniture manufacturer. Choose the colour or pattern you want and the cushions that arrive will be the same dimensions as the ones you've got.

Measure the dimensions of the existing cushions if you can't find the manufacturer or don't want to order replacement cushions from them. If you purchased your wicker at a yard sale or it's an old family heirloom, you may be unable to go through the manufacturer. Write down the dimensions of all cushions.

Photograph your wicker furniture and cushions. Get a closeup of each cushion you want to replace and an image of the full furniture.

Shop for replacement cushions either online or by visiting local furniture stores. Bring your photographs and the list of dimensions with you. Review available products and purchase ones that you like in the right size.


You can have cushions custom made by a seamstress or furniture maker if you can't find anything you like. This allows you to choose the pattern yourself, but the cost can add up.

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