How to Sort Poker Chips

Updated February 21, 2017

Poker uses chips as money. Each chip colour has a monetary value assigned to it, and are used when betting during the poker game. Poker chips that are found in the store are all standard. However poker chips found in casinos can vary depending on the casino. Poker chips at casinos are made of clay and are time consuming and expensive to make. Retail chips tend to be made of plastic with a filler that is clay like.

Spread the poker chips over the table. Try to spread them so they are only one or two chips deep. Spread your hand over the chips and brush the chips from side to side so that they spread out.

Pick up chips with each hand. Choose one colour and pick up all of those chips first. Do not pick these up willy nilly but form stacks with the chips in each hand.

Place the stacks of chips to the side. Place stacks of the same colour together. The height of the stack will depend on the player. It is possible to stack chips until the hand cannot hold the stack. Other players will create stacks based on a total monetary value of the stack.

Start stacking the next colour in the same way. Proceed until all the chips have been sorted. The more you practice the faster you can sort through the poker chips.


Poker chips can also be sorted by automatic sorting machines. These machines will sort the chips based on the colour/monetary value.

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