How to Switch PIP Channels on a Phillips TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Picture in picture (PIP), a popular feature of many televisions, allows you to watch two channels simultaneously. PIP opens a small box in one corner of your TV screen and displays a different channel than you have on the main TV screen. With most PIPs, you can change the position of the PIP box, swap channels between the PIP and the main TV, and change PIP channels independently of the channel displayed on the main TV screen. The exact process for changing PIP channels varies between different makes and models of TV. Changing the PIP channel on Philips brand televisions is not difficult.

Find the channel buttons assigned to the PIP feature on your remote control. On most Philips remotes, these will simply be labelled just like the channel buttons used to change the channel on the main TV, but will be part of a section of buttons that are only used for the PIP feature. As an alternative to using the remote's PIP buttons, some Philips TVs have PIP channel buttons on the front control panel of the TV, but this is quite rare.

Change the channel on the main television screen. if you cannot find the PIP channel controls on the remote. Start by changing the channel on the main TV that you wish to assign to the PIP.

Swap the two channels. This is done by pressing the button on the remote labelled "Swap." You can use this procedure to change the PIP channel as an alternative to using the PIP channel buttons on the remote control.

Purchase a universal remote and program it to your TV as a final alternative, if none of the above worked. Make sure to purchase a universal remote with PIP channel buttons. After programming it to your Philips TV, you can use the PIP channel buttons on the universal remote to change PIP channels.

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