How to add a small engine to a bicycle

Written by breann kanobi | 13/05/2017
How to add a small engine to a bicycle
Motorise your bicycle. (bicycle image by david harding from

Bicycles serve as an efficient, affordable mode or transportation. However, pedalling a bicycle everywhere can grow tiring. You don't want to arrive at work sweaty from a difficult bike ride. Luckily, you can use a gas powered bicycle with a small engine instead of pedalling the entire time. While pre-made motorised bicycles can cost over £1,300, you can purchase your own bike engine kit for about £130. These kits include a motor and make attachment easy.

Mount the engine to your bicycle. Place the engine between the down tube and seat tube of your bicycle. This area looks like a "V" and is just above the "peddle wheel sprocket." Attach the engine by screwing the adaptor kit and included screws to the seat tube.

Install the chain sprocket. Place the socket over the hub in the "perpendicular plane" of the rear while's chain sprocket. Place included sprocket bolts in the sprocket and tighten using a wrench.

Fit the drive chain. Remove the rear cover plate on the left side of the engine. Turn the engine crankshaft sprocket using to feed the chain around the engine. Adjust the tension in the chain by rolling the back wheel in the backwards direction. Attach the chain guard to the engine and "wheel axle struts."

Mount the included ignition coil. Attach it to the bike frame, close to the spark plug and as far as possible from the exhaust pipe. Attach "ignition coil wires" to the wires of the same colour in the engine. Use plastic straps to secure wires.

Install the "clutch lever" on the left side of the handlebar. Attach the clutch cable to the lever. Insert the wire of the cable through the small spring and clutch arm. Screw the cable-end to the wire.

Throttle installation. Attach the fuel holder to the tank and seal the threads of the tank with Teflon tape. Use two brackets and nuts to mount the tank on top of the bike frame. Attach the fuel line between the carburettor and the tank.


  • Check the instructions manual of the kit for more specific instructions and precautions.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check the instructions manual of the kit for more specific instructions and precautions.

Things you need

  • Bicycle motor kit

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