How Do I Use an Aquasafe Water Conditioner?

Updated April 14, 2017

Water conditioners serve two important purposes in the care and maintenance of home aquariums. Conditioners neutralise harmful chlorine, chloramine and other potentially dangerous heavy metals that are found in tap water. They also work to coat aquarium fish with a protective slime, which mimics the coating fish have in nature and helps to prevent external parasites. This slime is often lost in aquarium fish due to stress or netting, according to the Pond Information Life Line. AquaSafe is a commercially available water conditioner that can be found in many pet stores across the United States.

Determine the volume of your aquarium. For 10 gallons of water you will need 1 tbsp of AquaSafe water conditioner. Double this amount for 20 gallons of water; divide the amount in half for 5 gallons.

Fill a large bucket with the tap water you wish to transfer to your aquarium.

Use the top of the AquaSafe cap to measure out the appropriate amount of water conditioner. Fill the cap to the inner fill line for 1 tsp (10 gallons) and use an entire capful for 2 tsp (20 gallons). Make adjustments to the amount depending on the size of your tank.

Add the water conditioner to your tap water and allow it to sit until the water has reached the desired temperature (if you are fill your aquarium for the first time) or until it reaches the same temperature as the water in the fish tank (if you are replacing evaporated water or doing a partial water change) before adding it to the aquarium.

Repeat this process each time you change your aquarium water.


Do not add AquaSafe water conditioner directly to your aquarium.

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