How to Replace an Interior Door Latch

Updated February 21, 2017

A damaged or worn door latch can cause increased pressure on a doorjamb or rub against the strike plate. Replace worn interior door latches promptly to avoid further damage to the door parts. To remove the old latch and replace it, you must first remove the doorknob.

Unscrew the small screw on the shaft of the door knob. It is often set into the surface of the shaft so that it is flush with the shaft. Pull the knob out of the door. Set it aside. Remove the doorknob first, since it connects with the latch.

Remove the screws in the decorative plate that goes behind the door knob against the surface of the door. Set it aside.

Unscrew the latch located on the edge of the door that closes against the jamb. It is at the same height as the door knob. Pull the latch out of the door. Use a screwdriver to get it started if it is difficult to remove. Throw the old latch out.

Insert the new latch into the hole in the edge of the door where you removed the old one. Fasten the latch to the door using the screws that were provided with the replacement latch kit.

Fasten the door knob decorative plate back onto the door. Slide the door knob into the hole in the door so that it interlocks with the replacement latch. Screw the small screw back into the shaft of the door knob to secure it in place.


Inspect and tighten your interior door latches regularly to avoid having to replace the latch as often.


Wear eye protection when screwing and unscrewing fasteners.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement latch set
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