How Do I Clean the Softener on a Bosch Washing Machine?

Updated February 21, 2017

If the softener dispenser on your Bosch washing machine is not working properly, clean it with water. Liquid fabric softeners contain conditioners to reduce static cling, soften the fabric's feel and reduce wrinkles. These conditioners can build up inside the dispenser, blocking the flow of softener into the washing machine. Bosch recommends diluting your liquid softener with water until it reaches a thin, creamy consistency to prevent build-up.

Pull out the dispenser drawer near the top your Bosch washing machine.

Press down on the drawer catch and remove the dispenser drawer.

Lift the softener dispenser from the drawer and rinse it under warm, running water to remove any build-up.

Place the softener dispenser back in the drawer, and insert the drawer in its place on the Bosch washing machine.

Close the dispenser drawer completely before operating the Bosch washing machine.


Clean the dispenser drawers any time you notice build-up or poor softener or detergent flow.

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