How to Dispose of a Laptop Lithium Battery

Updated February 21, 2017

Laptops run on lithium or lithium-ion batteries, special long-life rechargeable batteries. Like all batteries, though, they eventually wear out. If you've changed your laptop battery and need to dispose of the old one, don't trash it --- the high heat of landfills can make these batteries explode, warns the website Earth911. No matter where you live, you can find large chain stores or smaller recycling centres that take laptop batteries, making recycling the responsible disposal choice for lithium batteries.

See whether the laptop's manufacturer takes back old batteries. For example, Apple and Dell run take-back programs. If your manufacturer does offer this option, mail the battery back or drop it off at a retail store.

Take the old battery to the nearest Best Buy or Radio Shack for free recycling. Drop the battery in the recycling kiosk located just inside the door of each Best Buy location or take it to a sales clerk at Radio Shack.

Enter your Postcode at Call2Recycle's dropoff locator (see Resources) to find a site near you that accepts lithium batteries.

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