How to Troubleshoot a Sony LCD Bravia

Written by phil hoops | 13/05/2017
How to Troubleshoot a Sony LCD Bravia
Fix your Sony Bravia television using a variety of troubleshooting techniques. (tv control and tv 3 image by chrisharvey from

The Sony Bravia series is a line of high definition flat screen televisions. These TVs have numerous built-in HDMI connectors, which enable you to connect various devices, such as Blu-ray players and game consoles to the TV. Over time, you may experience problems when trying to watch television on your Sony Bravia set. Fortunately, many of these problems can be corrected using troubleshooting techniques.

Turn off your Sony Bravia television's closed captioning settings if you notice a black box consistently appearing on your screen. Press the "Menu" button on the Sony remote, and scroll to the "Settings" tab using the directional keys. Select the "Closed Captions (CC)" settings. Highlight "CC Display" and change the setting from "On" to "Off." This disables closed captioning and stops the black boxes from appearing.

Ensure that the coaxial cable you are using with your Sony Bravia is screwed into the jack firmly if the picture is fuzzy and degraded. If you receive your signal from over-the-air transmissions, move your ATSC antenna around the room. Set the antenna in a location that is isolated from devices that cause interference, such as cordless phones and microwaves.

Press the "Menu" button on your Sony remote and navigate to the "Channel Settings" menu if you are unable to receive certain digital cable channels. They are likely hidden using the "Hide Channels" feature in the TV. Press the "Menu" button on your remote. Select the "Show/Hide Channels" tab and scroll through the list of channels. Locate the channels that are not normally visible and press the "+" key on your remote to add them back to your TV's list. Press the "Menu" button to exit settings.

Access the "Parental Lock" settings from the Sony Bravia's main menu if you accidentally lock yourself out of viewing your TV and cannot remember the password. When prompted, input the numerical code "4397" and press "Enter." This factory default code resets the parental controls password. Type in a new password and exit the screen.

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  • ATSC antenna

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