How to Recycle Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

Updated June 05, 2018

Recycling plastic keeps it out of landfills and from ending up in a body of water where it can harm wildlife. There are several different types of plastic, and not all areas accept every type of plastic. Plastic milk bottles are made from a different kind of plastic than the cap that is on the bottle. Just because your township accepts plastic milk bottles does not mean it will accept your cap. There are still ways you can recycle your plastic milk bottle caps.

Contact your city's office of public works and ask them what their recycling procedures are, and if milk bottle caps should be recycled with the milk bottle, separately or not at all.

Call your local school district to find out if any of the schools participate in Aveda's recycling caps program. If any schools do, you can drop your plastic milk bottle caps off there. If they don't, you can suggest they begin doing this.

Save the plastic milk bottle caps in a plastic zipper bag. After you collect a lot of them, create your own toss game. Set two pails out at an equal distance. Find an opponent and toss as many plastic bottle caps as you can in 60 seconds. The individual who got the most caps in their pail wins.

Recycle your plastic milk bottle caps by turning them in to a craft project. According to Artists Helping Children, you can use your bottle caps to make necklaces, magnets and Christmas tree ornaments.


Always rinse the caps off before you recycle them.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic zipper bag
  • 2 pails
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