How to Use a Chocolate Fondue Fountain

A great addition to any party, a chocolate fondue fountain combines popular foods with the novelty of cascading chocolate. Traditional chocolate fondue is a fun party food that can be messy and may need monitoring to make sure the chocolate does not burn in the pan. However, with a chocolate fondue fountain, once the rich chocolate starts to flow, little maintenance is required. If you have elected to use a chocolate fondue fountain at your next gathering, make sure you set it up properly so you do not have to worry about a chocolate catastrophe and can focus on your guests.

Place the chocolate fondue base on a level surface. The base is the bottom part of the fondue fountain.

Line up the receiving tubes at the end of the fondue fountain’s main column with the four upright pegs in the bowl of the base. Slide the pegs into receiving tubes.

Place the tiers on top of the main column of the fountain. First, slide an o-ring onto the column to the indicated position for the largest tier before placing the actual tier onto the column. Continue to add o-rings and tiers until all the tiers are in place. Slide the wider tier onto the column first, followed by the smaller tier.

Insert the auger into the hole of the main column. The auger resembles a large drill bit and is the part that feeds the melted chocolate to the top of the fondue fountain. If there is a slot cut out of one end of the auger, that end should point down so you can lock it with the drive key with a slight turn of the auger.

Place the crown, or top tier, of the fountain on the top of the column.

Warm up the chocolate fondue fountain. Turn the dial on the side of the fountain’s base to 121 degrees C.

Pre-melt the chocolate you will use in the fondue. Place 0.907 to 2.27kg. of chocolate chips or callets into a microwave-safe plastic zipper bag. Add oil, if necessary, to the chocolate in the bag to ensure the even flow of chocolate in the fondue fountain. Seal the plastic bag and microwave it for three minutes on the “High” setting.

Knead the bag of chocolate after it comes out of microwave to feel for lumps of unmelted chocolate. If there is unmelted chocolate, microwave the chocolate in 30-second increments until all the chocolate is melted.

Reduce the temperature of the fountain to 37.8 degrees Cor three minutes.

Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl of the chocolate fondue fountain. Place a corner of the plastic bag over the fountain’s main bowl and snip the end. Allow the chocolate to pour into the base. As the plastic bag empties, twist it to squeeze the rest of the chocolate out.

Repeat Steps 7 through 9 until the fondue fountain base is full of chocolate.

Increase the temperate of the fountain to 48.8 to 65.5 degrees C.

Turn on the auger so the chocolate starts flowing in the chocolate fondue fountain.


Before you place chocolate in fondue fountain, make sure the machine accepts chocolate (some fountains only accept cheese). Some melting chocolates do not require the addition of oil.


Before you place chocolate in fondue fountain, make sure the machine is not specifically for cheese only.

Things You'll Need

  • Chocolate fondue fountain
  • 0.907 to 2.27kg. of callets or chocolate chips
  • Plastic zipper bag that is safe to use in a microwave
  • ½ cup of vegetable oil for every 2.27kg. of chocolate (if necessary)
  • Microwave
  • Scissors
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