How to Download Using Bitlord

Updated March 23, 2017

A torrent is the name of the file users download from Bitlord. Bitlord is a BitTorrent client, which allows users to search, download and upload torrent files. A torrent file is not one particular file; it could be an audio file, a video game, software, an image or a video. Most users search for torrent files via a torrent search engine since some BitTorrent clients do not include the search feature. A torrent search engine is similar to Google, where users type in a particular file and they can download the torrent. Users cannot download torrents without a BitTorrent client.


Type in the name of the file you want to download into the "Search" box and click "Go."

Click on the torrent and then click "Download Torrent."

Save the torrent when the download prompt window appears. Bitlord automatically opens and downloads the torrent file.


Enter the name of the file in the field and click "Search."

Click on the torrent file and save it once the download prompt window appears on your screen.


Type the file name into the search field and click "Search."

Scroll down the page and click on the torrent.

Click "Download via .torrent" and save the torrent to your computer.

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