How to Reset a Samsung LCD TV

Updated February 21, 2017

If you encounter a problem with your Samsung LCD television, such as not being able to power it off, one troubleshooting method is to reset it to factory settings. This will fix any problems that are due to changes that you've made in settings or due to malfunction of the equipment. All Samsung LCD television sets can be easily reset by following a few steps.

Power off your Samsung LCD television by pressing the power button on the television or the remote control. If you cannot power the TV off, you can skip this step.

Unplug the television by firmly grabbing the plug and removing it from the outlet. Don't pull the cord--this can damage the television.

Wait 10 minutes for the television to reset to factory settings. It will do it automatically; all you need to do is wait.

Plug the television back into the outlet.

Turn the television back on.

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