How Do I Find Out Information on a Llama .380 Pistol with a Serial Number?

Updated November 21, 2016

The history of your Llama .380 pistol can be traced by the proof marks located on the left-hand side of the pistol, on and above the trigger guard. While the serial number will tell you the pistol’s order of production, the proof marks will tell you the year it was tested and inspected by the proof house. In 1923, the Spanish government implemented a process on all firearms produced in Spain, which makes the history of your pistol relatively easy to determine. Llama firearms were produced in Eibar, Spain, and were under the auspices of the Eibar proof house.

Examine the markings on the left-hand side of your pistol. Above the trigger guard is a mark shaped like a shield with a knight head on top; inside the shield is a single letter, two letters or a letter and a number. Immediately to the left of the shield is another letter–or letter/ number combination–with a six-pointed star marked above it. At the front of the trigger guard is a round mark shaped like a bomb with letters inside.

Write down the letters of each of these three proof markings. The proof marking shaped like a shield indicates the year the gun was received by the proof house. The letters under the star marking indicates the year of proofing. In the letters inside the bomb shaped mark indicates when the weapon passed inspection.

Determine the proof years by deciphering the letters. The first series of letters began with A and ran in alphabetical order indicating the years 1927 to 1954. In the first series–there are three--the proof house added CH following C, LL after L and a second letter N, with a small wavy dash above it, following the letter N. The second N also appeared in the next two series. The second series began in 1955 with A1 and ended with Z1 in 1980 and the final series began with A2 in 1981 and finished with Z2 in 2006.

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