How to Reset Epson C62 Chips

Written by david clair | 13/05/2017
How to Reset Epson C62 Chips
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The Epson C62 inkjet printer uses a single black ink cartridge and a single three-color cartridge that has cyan, magenta and yellow ink chambers. When the ink level runs low on either of these cartridges, they can be refilled with ink instead of replacing the entire cartridge. Each C62 cartridge has a built-in chip that keeps track of how many characters have been printed from that cartridge. When the counter runs down, the printer will treat the cartridge as empty. The chips on refilled C62 cartridges need to be reset so they will work properly in the printer.

Position the cartridge so the contacts match up with the metal leads on the Epson chip resetter.

Press the cartridge against the pins of the chip resetter. Hold it in place for three to four seconds or until the LED on the resetter is a steady green colour.

Separate the ink cartridge from the Epson chip resetter. Repeat the process if the LED did not indicate a successful reset.

Things you need

  • Epson chip re-setter

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