Spanish Bridal Hairstyles

Spanish-influenced bridal hairstyles complement many traditional wedding looks. From vintage lace to elaborate bridal veils, Spanish styles for weddings are romantic and classic. Anyone who wants to add a touch of European elegance to a formal wedding look, should consider Spanish hairstyle options. With influences ranging from the Catholic Church to flamenco, Spanish wedding hair trends can help you create a timeless style that perfectly accessorises any wedding outfit.


The classic Spanish bridal hairstyle is tidy at the front with a portion of the hair clipped up at the back. Formal looks involve all of the hair being up and finished with a decorative tiara or hair clip at the crown. This traditional style benefits from using heated tongs to create barrel curls that are pinned in to place.

Keep the ceremonial style perfect by hiring a professional hairdresser for your wedding day. An updo suits brides of all ages, and is an ideal style for any type of veil because it does not fight the fabric, yet is structured enough for the veil to be attached.

Mantilla Veils

The famous Spanish mantilla veil is characterised by its lace edging and tumbling waterfall effect. These veils are considered both part of a wedding dress and part of the bridal hairstyle. Perfect for a traditional church wedding, mantilla veils need to be attached by your hairdresser and ideally go with a very simple updo hairstyle.

A classic chignon or smooth bun works well with a Mantilla veil, so the hair is demure and traditional. Very fine hair should be set on large rollers before being dried with a radial brush to give smooth volume. This is then pinned into place, and sometimes backcombed underneath for a formal updo that allows for firmly attaching the heavy veil.


Adding a subtle Spanish twist to wedding hair is popular and ideal for weddings with a contemporary feel. You can use the elements of traditional Spanish wedding hair styles, such as the bun or updo, but wear them with less formality.

Modern, soft waves can be made with a ceramic flat iron. Pin the waves loosely on the head with a few curls from the front and sides pulled out. Those not wearing veils might decorate hair with pearls, a vintage lace net or a classic Spanish looking tiara.


For a truly modern and fun hairstyle that does not adhere too closely to traditional wedding convention, take inspiration from Spanish culture. Spanish brides traditionally wore crowns of orange blossoms. This is a beautiful, fragrant way to decorate hair for an informal summer wedding.

The fitted bodice and lace ruffles of flamenco often creep into contemporary wedding dress design, so complement this with a flamenco-inspired bejewelled bun. With the Spanish fashion for evening weddings, hairstyles can be more dressed up and more glamorous.

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