How to Set Up a Dell Latitude Docking Station

Updated February 21, 2017

DeDell Latitude notebooks come with the option to purchase a docking station, which contains multiple ports, expansion slots, and bays. This extends the functionality of a laptop by allowing for the connection and use of peripherals, such as printers, scanners, mice and keyboards. The Dell Latitude Docking Station comes fully assembled and ready for the laptop and peripherals to be connected for use.

Set the Dell Latitude Docking Station on a flat, even surface. The docking station comes fully assembled.

Insert the power adaptor jack into the outlet on the back side of the docking station. Plug the other side of the adaptor into an electrical socket.

Slide the slide lock on the right side of the docking station toward the back, to unlock the device.

Power down the laptop and unplug any cords connected to the laptop. Fold the screen downward so the laptop is closed.

Hold the laptop by the sides in both hands. Position the back of the laptop centred against the back of the docking station. Lower the laptop onto the docking station. During this process, you may have to wiggle the laptop a bit to ensure the laptop clicks or locks into position.

Move the slide lock forward to lock the Dell Laptop into the docking station. Raise the computer screen.

Press the "Power" button on the docking station to power the computer. The docking station power light will turn from amber to green.

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