How to Insert Excel Spreadsheets Into Visio

Updated February 21, 2017

Visio is one of the most widely used drawing programs on the market, allowing computer users to create flowcharts and workflow diagrams that help document the function of computer programs and network infrastructure. Visio users can also insert documents from other programs to make the finished product more visually appealing.

Log on to your computer and open Visio. Open your Visio drawing.

Click on the "Insert" menu and choose "Object' from the list of choices. Choose "Create from file."

Use the "Browse" button to find the Excel spreadsheet you wish to insert. Highlight the spreadsheet and click the "Open" button.

Click "OK" then choose the "Link to file" or "Display as icon" option. The link option will embed a link to the spreadsheet into the Visio drawing, and the data displayed in the Visio file will change each time you update the spreadsheet. The icon option will simply display the spreadsheet as a picture. Click "OK" to accept your choice.

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