How to Export a Used Car to India

Updated March 23, 2017

As the level of disposable income in India increases, many more families have been able to afford a car of their own. The quality of domestic cars in India, however, is low by world standards. As a result, many people have found it tempting to export a used car to India either for personal use or for the resale market. When exporting a car to India, educate yourself on the laws regarding the shipping of vehicles in both your country and India.

Abide by the laws and regulations in the country of export. Customs agencies usually require an inspection of your vehicle as well as documents pertaining to owner registration, so prepare to submit any of these documents to your local customs authority.

Empty the fuel tank before shipping your car to ensure that it will meet safety guidelines while being shipped overseas. An empty tank will require you to have the car towed to the port rather than driving it; prepare to pay for this additional expense to your shipping company.

Hire the services of a shipping company that specialises in the transport of vehicles by sea. A reputable shipping company will have information on the safety procedures involved with the shipping of vehicles and will offer the necessary expertise in handling your car with care. Your shipping company will also know which ports in India accept the importation of vehicles.

Abide by India's rules on the importing of vehicles. India does not require a license for the importing of cars less than two years old. Furthermore, you must have lived outside of India for at least two years, and the car must have been in use for at least one year, to be eligible for import without licensing.

Prepare to pay an import tax of up to 70 per cent on the value of the car. The Indian government calculates the value of your car based on its price when new, minus a percentage that takes depreciating value into account.

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