How to make a paper Peter Pan hat

Updated April 17, 2017

Peter Pan is an iconic animated character with a distinctive feathered green hat. Peter Pan instils the spirit of youth and adventure while flitting about in his hat and tattered trousers. Peter is still one of the most recognisable of children's characters, even decades after his introduction. The simplistic green hat worn by Peter can be replicated with a few strategically placed folds, and an aptly placed feather. Making a Peter Pan hat can be accomplished in under 10 minutes' time, and simply requires green construction paper, a feather and glue.

Place one sheet of construction paper lengthwise on the table. Fold this sheet in half, from left to right, making a 46 cm (18 inch) tall, by 30.5 cm (12 inch) wide rectangle. Rotate this rectangle on the table 45 degrees so that the long side is facing the person folding, and the short side is vertical. The open ends of the construction paper should be facing the person folding.

Fold the upper left corner down to form a triangle, the edge of this triangle will meet with the centre of the rectangle. Crease the paper to keep the fold. Repeat this fold with the right side of the paper. Grab the upper right corner and pull down to create a triangle, it will meet in the centre with the left folded triangle. Crease the paper once again to keep the fold. Leave the 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inch) space along the bottom of the paper, this will later create a rim for the hat.

Fold a hat rim by sliding several fingers between the two sheets of paper at the bottom of the hat. Lift the top sheet and fold it over the bottom of the triangles. Turn the hat over completely, so that the triangles are now face down on the table. Fold the second sheet of paper at the bottom of the hat up to the same width, as was done on the first side of the hat.

Use the glue stick to apply a generous coat of adhesive on the inside of the rim. Glue the side of the rim that rests against the hat, and press to ensure a strong hold. Insert one feather between the rim and the rest of the hat. The feather should rest at a 45 degree angle. The feather should be immersed in the glue. Continue to press the hat rim for several minutes, then set aside to dry for two hours.

Open the Peter Pan paper hat at the bottom below the rim. Wear the paper hat with the flat sides near each ear, and the feather angled towards the back of the head.


Do not use feathers from unknown birds, they may carry diseases.

Things You'll Need

  • Green construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Craft feather
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