How to Make Geomag Structures

Updated February 21, 2017

You can make an endless variety of Geomag structures by combining and separating the pieces over and over. Geomags are a construction toy that consists of half-inch steel balls and magnetic rods of varying lengths. Rods are attached to one another using the steel balls as connectors. The round surface of the balls and narrow ends on the rods makes it possible to connect the pieces in multiple configurations. Build sturdy well-balanced structures by strategically combining the Geomag pieces.

Connect two Geomag rods with a single steel ball in between. Position the connected rods to form a "V" shape.

Attach a ball to each of the open ends of the connected Geomag rods.

Place a single rod between the two newly attached Geomag balls to form an equilateral triangle.

Rest the triangle form on a flat surface and attach a single rod to the top of each steel ball.

Tilt all three of the newly attached Geomag rods inward until their open ends are slightly more than 1/2 inch apart.

Lower a Geomag ball down into the three open ends of the upward facing rods. Adjust the rods so they connect evenly to the top ball and form the basic pyramid structure.

Build multiple pyramid structures and connect them with Geomag rods if you have more pieces. Thin plastic Geomag panels can be placed between four connected rods to give a tall Geomag structure more strength and stability.


Structures can also be build from cubes and many other connection forms. Come up with your own custom configurations to build structures from the Geomag pieces you have.

Things You'll Need

  • Geomag rods (minimum 6)
  • Geomag balls (minimum 4)
  • Geomag panels (optional)
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