How to Copy Contacts to a SIM Card on a Samsung

Updated April 17, 2017

Samsung cell phones that operate on a GSM network use a SIM card. The phones allow you to store your address book in the phone's internal memory as well as on the card. Copying contacts to your SIM ensures your important numbers are saved in the event that you switch devices or your phone malfunctions.

Access your phone's main menu by pressing the "Menu" key. Scroll to "Address Book" and choose the "Contact List" option to view stored contacts.

Scroll to a contact and open it by pressing "OK."

Open the "Options" menu and choose "Copy." In the menu that appears, choose "SIM" and press "Save."

Continue for each contact you wish to copy to your SIM card. If you see the "Select Multiple" option, continue to step five.

Choose "Select Multiple." You will be rerouted to your address book. Scroll through your contacts. Select each one that you wish to copy to your SIM. Press "OK" and then "Copy."


Only certain Samsung models, such as the Access, allow you to copy multiple contacts at a time.


Not all Samsung phones are capable of copying contacts to the SIM card. Check your user guide for further assistance if you have difficulty completing the task.

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