How to connect denon & ipod

Updated February 21, 2017

Denon manufactures a line of high-end audio-video receivers for home theatre and stereo use. The receivers are equipped with a dedicated port for connecting an iPod, either directly with a 3.5mm audio cable or through the iPod's docking station. A covered panel on the front of the Denon opens to reveal connection jacks for different components, including a USB port for hooking up the iPod or a docking station. The cable disconnects in seconds when it's time to take the iPod on the road.

Turn down the volume on the Denon receiver to zero using the front Master Volume control knob.

Press gently on the lower front panel of the receiver in the centre to unlock the port cover, which folds down to reveal ports and control.

Connect one end of the iPod cable to the iPod or docking station using the port on the back (or the lower edge of the iPod).

Insert the USB plug on the other end of the cable into the port on the front of the Denon receiver.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod USB cable or docking station with cable
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