How to Recycle Computer Cords

Updated July 20, 2017

Computer cords come in various shapes, sizes, lengths, colours and styles. Whether you buy new computer equipment that requires different types of wires, or your wires get damaged by children, pets or normal wear and tear, your old cords will require disposal. Throwing away your computer cords creates an unnecessary landfill burden. Resolve this problem by recycling your computer cords. Doing so will allow you to dispose of your unwanted cords and help protect the environment at the same time.

Locate a recycling facility or local retailer such as Best Buy or Office Depot close to your home or business. Websites such as the Environmental Protection Agency's eCyling page (see Resources) will assist you in your search.

Choose the organisation with which you intend to recycle based on convenience, speed of processing and whatever other criteria best suit your needs.

Gather and secure all the cords for recycling in accordance with your chosen recycling organisation's instructions. For example, Office Depot asks that you use the recycling boxes it provides.

Arrange for a pickup, if the recycler offers that service.

Take your computer cords to your chosen recycling organisation. Place the wires in the designated location.


Each city and state maintains different policies and procedures for recycling. Contact your local municipal authority for specific details on proper handling and disposal of electronic equipment.

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