How to Use Aqueous Cream BP

Updated February 21, 2017

Many people suffer from the itching and cracking of dry skin, whether just in the winter, when the air is dryer, or year round. Dry skin causes uncomfortable conditions as well as unsightly patches or redness, leaving sufferers feeling as if they don't belong in their own skin. Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of moisturising cream solutions to help with dry skin, and different products will work for different people. Aqueous Cream BP, a scentless combination of moisturisers and paraffin, may help relive dry skin symptoms in some people.

Pierce the safety seal on the Aqueous Cream BP container. Small tubes often include a sharp point in the cap, or you can use a fingernail or butter knife to pierce the seal.

Wash the area of dry skin thoroughly with your normal skin cleanser. As an alternative, you can apply the cream in place of skin cleanser, if you are worried that your soap is causing your dry skin.

Dry the area thoroughly so that the skin is dry to the touch before applying the cream.

Squeeze a 1-inch blob of cream onto the skin and massage the area, thoroughly working the cream into the dry skin. Add more cream if necessary. If using the cream as a body wash, rinse the area with warm water after you have massaged lightly for up to 30 seconds. If not, allow the cream to absorb into the skin.

Apply Aqueous Cream BP to the skin as necessary during the day for irritation or itchiness of dry skin. For best results, use at least twice per day.


Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding any questions you have about Aqueous Cream BP. They may be able to recommend other relief options for dry skin.


Never use Aqueous Cream BP if the seal on the tube or jar of cream has been broken. The seal must be intact for proper safety precautions. Stop using Aqueous Cream BP immediately if you experience rash, itching or worsening of dry skin. Like all medications, the cream includes ingredients to which some people may be allergic.

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