Wording for 70th Birthday Party Invitations

Updated March 24, 2017

You want a birthday party to be a great experience, whether you're the one celebrating a birthday or the one planning the party. To get guests ready to attend a great celebration, take special care with the wording of your invitation. Make sure to note in your invitation what it is that will be wonderful about the party. Write a creative, engaging invitation that contains all the details.

Plan thoroughly the kind of birthday party it will be--for instance, a backyard party, a restaurant get-together or a sailboat party.

Begin composing the invitation by noting the elements of the birthday party that stand out. For example, if it's a backyard party, jot down what will be served and why you're holding it outside. A beautiful garden may be a great way to lure guests, for instance.

Begin writing the invitation by using the following outline as a guide: "You are cordially invited to join Daniel Brown in celebration of his 70th birthday party by lounging in his backyard marigold garden at 155 Main Street. Come at noon, drink splendid white wine and enjoy good food in the warm weather." This invitation tells all the details--including location, date and time--while also highlighting the events of the party.

Add the RSVP phone number and any contact information the guest may need. This may be placed at the bottom of the invitation so that the main wording isn't cluttered by excessive information.

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