How to Troubleshoot a Technics KN5000 Piano Keyboard

Updated February 21, 2017

Panasonic's Technics brand specialises in audio technology products including vinyl record turntables for DJ's and portable keyboards like the SX-KN5000 digital keyboard with colour LCD display. Problems with the Technics keyboard can include issues with the buttons and keys, no sound, only some sounds can be selected, the rhythm not starting and television set noise. These kinds of problems can be identified and corrected.

Switch the "Power" button off, and then on again if the buttons and keys malfunction. If you continue to experience malfunctions, reset the keyboard by pressing the three lower left buttons in the "Rhythm Group" section at the same time. They are "March & Waltz," "Party Time" and Show Time & Trad Dance." Then turn the "Power" button on again. Be careful using this reset though, because it will delete all your custom settings, including memory.

Turn the "Main Volume" higher if there's no sound when the keys are pressed. Use the "Balance" buttons if you continue to have problems with volume. The "balance" buttons allow you to set the volumes of certain parts to audible levels.

Switch off "General Midi" if only some sounds can be selected. Switching "General Midi" off reverts the keyboard back to standard functions.

Use the "Balance" buttons to set the drums to a higher level if the rhythm doesn't start. Try a different rhythm if you continue to have problems with it, because it's possible a rhythm in "Custom" with nothing stored has become selected.

Move the Technics SX-KN5000 keyboard away from electrical interference like televisions if you can hear the television through the keyboard.

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