How to Make a Clay Model of a Pyramid

Updated February 21, 2017

The ancient Egyptians built large pyramids as tombs to honour their rulers, the pharaohs. According to National Geographic, Egyptians believed that a pharaoh's spirit, or ka, remained in his body, which they placed in the pyramids after mummification. Capture the magic of Egyptian traditions by building your own pyramid out of clay. These clay pyramids serve as a fun project for children and adults as well as a good way to teach people about Egyptian culture.

Lay a sheet of cardboard on a flat surface such as a table. A 2-by-2-foot sheet of cardboard should suffice.

Soften your clay by sprinkling water on it. Keep clay wet while you build your pyramid by frequently dipping your hands in water.

Construct the clay pyramid base. Place a thick layer of clay on the cardboard in the shape of a square. Choose any size square you desire as long as you leave a few inches of cardboard on each side.

Thicken the base by applying another layer of clay. Allow clay to dry slightly, and trim the top of the clay flat using a wire-cutter clay tool. This gives you a more even surface. Run the wire cutter across the clay block, slightly below the surface. The bottom layer of clay should be about 1 inch high.

Add another layer of clay. Leave 1/2 inch of the first layer of clay exposed. Place the new layer of clay on the old layer and smooth using your fingers. Allow this layer to dry and level the top using the wire cutter tool.

Continue adding levels until a level is too small to support an additional level.

Allow your clay pyramid to dry for at least 24 hours.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay
  • Wire cutter
  • Cardboard
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