How to Transfer Photos to an SDHC Memory Card

Updated April 17, 2017

Secure digital, or SD, cards are small memory cards used for storing and transferring files in digital cameras, music players, video game consoles and home computers. SDHC cards are similar, but they offer more storage than the first generation of cards; the HC stands for high capacity. If you have an SD card reader installed on your computer, you can place files on your SD card as easily as you would any other type of memory device.

Insert the SDHC card into your computer's card reader. Navigate to your computer's drive directory and you should see it listed beneath your internal hard drives. If you are using a Mac, the drive will appear on the desktop.

Double-click the drive to open its directory. You can place files anywhere you like, but to keep organised you should create a new folder for your picture files and label it accordingly.

Navigate to the picture files you wish to transfer. Click and drag them onto your SDHC card window. You can select multiple files at once by holding the "Shift" key and clicking each file you want to move.

Check that all your picture files appear in the folder you created in your SDHC card. Once you have dropped in all the files you wish to transfer, you can remove the SDHC card.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card reader/writer
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