How to Gift-Wrap a Plant

Updated July 06, 2018

A plant makes a good all-purpose gift but the one drawback is how to wrap it for presentation and transportation. Choose a plant that can be easily carried and is not overly large or wide. Easy-care plants such as philodendron, English ivy or amaryllis can be wrapped in minutes.

Measure the pot diameter and the total height of both the pot and the plant. Purchase cellophane gift bags whose dimensions are at least six to eight inches longer and four inches wider. The height difference allows you to gather the bag above the tallest part of the plant and the difference in width makes it easier to slide the pot into the bag without knocking leaves or blooms from your plant.

Water the plant if the soil feels powdery or if the edges or tips of any leaves are brown, drooping or curled. Pinch off any dead foliage. Allow the plant to drain overnight in a sink or lay it on a folded towel for 15 to 30 minutes before packing it.

Coil any trailing vines or leaves gently around the main stem or bulb inside the pot before you slide the plant into the cellophane bag.

Gather the top of the cellophane bag at least two inches above the tallest part of the plant and pot. Secure it with several loops of curling ribbon and tie it with a knot. Pull the ends of the ribbon along a pair of scissors to make them curl.

Place your cellophane-wrapped plant inside a glossy boutique-style gift bag that is large enough to accommodate your plant without crushing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear or coloured cellophane gift bag
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Boutique-style glossy gift bag
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