How to make Gerbera daisies in sugar paste

Sugar paste, also known as gum paste, is a combination of sugar, cornstarch and gelatin. The paste can be used to make realistic-looking objects such as fruits, foliage and flowers. Gerbera daisies have bright, bold colours that can make a cake look stunning. Real gerbera daisies can wilt and look unattractive, but you can make your own version with sugar paste. In order to make a well-designed sugar paste Gerbera daisy, study the real thing so you can include flower's details.

Choose your desired colour for the gerbera daisy. Common colours of Gerbera daisies include orange, pink and red. Add a small amount of food colouring paste to the sugar paste to achieve this colour.

Knead the food colouring paste into the sugar paste until the colour is consistent throughout.

Sprinkle cornstarch over a clean and flat surface. Roll the gum paste with a rolling pin as thin as you can make it, without it tearing easily.

Cut out two daisies with a large Gerbera daisy cutter.

Place one of the Gerbera daisies onto a flower former. This will form the flower into a natural shape.

Brush a small amount of sugar glue onto the centre of the formed daisy. Place the other gerbera daisy cutout on top of the first cut out, and overlap the petals to make the flower look full.

Cut out three smaller gerbera daisies from the sugar paste. Cut the petals of all three in half with a sharp knife, which will double the amount of petals. Cut each small daisy in half.

Brush a small amount of sugar glue onto the centre of the large daisy. Press the small half daisies around the edge of the centre. The small petals need to go in the same direction as the larger petals, but leave a small area in the middle for the gerbera daisy centre. Continue to add the small petals with their centres attached around the inside centre of the daisy to replicate the look of a real gerbera daisy.

Knead a small ball of sugar paste with a darker colour of food colouring paste. Choose a colour like a dark brown, or a darker shade of the previous colour for best results.

Brush the centre of the daisy with the darker sugar paste. Press the small ball onto the flower, and press it gently onto the flower. Use fork prongs to create little holes in the centre of the flower to give it texture and make it look realistic.

Let the flower dry for 24 hours. Remove the flower from the flower former and store it in an airtight container until you are ready to use it.

Things You'll Need

  • Food colouring paste
  • Cornstarch
  • Rolling pin
  • Large Gerbera daisy gum paste cutter
  • Flower former
  • Sugar glue
  • Brush
  • Small Gerbera daisy gum paste cutter
  • Sharp knife
  • Fork
  • Air-tight container
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