How to decorate a bedroom with slanted ceilings

Updated April 17, 2017

Decorating bedrooms with slanting ceilings can present unique obstacles to homeowners--a room might feel smaller or cramped due to the sloping roof, choosing furniture can present challenges, and hanging items on the wall may prove difficult. However, by following the steps below, you can discover ways to open up the space in a room with a slanted ceiling, add your own personal touches, and fill the room with the furniture and wall hangings you need or desire.

Paint the bedroom in order to maximise the space you have. In the case of slanted ceilings, this can mean painting the ceiling and walls the same light colour to open the room up and make it seem more airy. You can still add your personality to the mix by painting the ceiling a light colour (white probably works best in this case) and then painting the walls any colour you choose, including deep, rich tones that will pop against the light-coloured ceiling.

Choose your furniture carefully. For a bedroom, you will obviously need a few key pieces: a bed, a nightstand, a wardrobe or dresser, and perhaps a bookcase or upholstered chair for quiet downtime. The number of maximum height walls you have will obviously impact the height of the furniture you buy. If only one wall's height is affected by the sloping ceiling, you can buy that tall bookcase or wardrobe; however, if you have sloping ceilings meeting three low walls, you will likely have to limit the height of the furniture you buy for the room.

Arrange your furniture strategically. Is one wall long, low, and buttressed up against a sloping ceiling? Set your bed (or another low-lying piece of furniture, like a dresser) against that wall. If possible, put your upholstered chair or a nightstand next to a wall window so that you can enjoy the view. Skylights can be enjoyed best above your bed. Whatever you do, don't crowd the room--if it doesn't fit, let it go. You don't want your bedroom to feel like a storage closet!

Add window treatments to windows on your walls that will allow maximum light to enter the room, especially if your bedroom does not have a skylight. If your bedroom does have a skylight, you're in luck--this will give you greater flexibility in decorating your wall windows with heavier curtains or drapes.

Add your own personal touches, such as wall hangings. If you have a high wall, hang a painting or framed photos along that wall; however, you will want to avoid such wall hangings on low walls that meet a sloped ceiling--framed pieces that are close to the floor or below eye level tend to look awkward. You can also add some wall decor by adding wall stickers, hanging a canopy, or installing a hanging potted plant to sloped ceilings.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Window treatments
  • Wall hangings
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