How to decorate a party room

Updated April 13, 2018

Crepe-paper streamers and helium-filled balloons are classic party decorations for a reason--they are fun, colourful, inexpensive and easy to decorate a room with. But some parties call for a bit more. If you need to decorate a party room, remember the first rule of successful decorating is function. Never conceal exits with decorations or place them where a guest might trip over or crash into them. Skip the tiny decorations like table confetti that will be a hassle to clean up and save your decorating budget for items with more impact.

Display a banner, balloons or festive bouquets outside of the party room's entrance if possible. This not only helps guests to know they have found the right spot, but creates excitement before they enter the room.

Hang a sheer or beaded curtain at the room's entrance door to add a sense of mystery as guests enter.

Organise the flow. Set gift, food and drink stations away from the door to avoid blocking the entrance for new guests as they come in.

Assess the entire party room before decorating. Camouflage an ugly ceiling with yards of sheer fabric and a staple gun. Cover outdated flooring with a large area rug. Make a list of any additional necessities you will need such as tables, chairs and lighting.

Coordinate table linens and place settings with the purpose and tone of your party. A casino night party decorated with all the colour and glitz of the Vegas strip is fun and informal. Cover tables with white linens, formal place settings and elegant centrepieces and your casino party will feel more like a night in Monte Carlo.

Place flower arrangements around the room. Purchase bouquets of sunflowers or Gerber daisies for a casual party. Cut their stems short and use them in low arrangements on dining and conversation tables. Budget for professional arrangements if you want your party room to look more elegant.

Include lighting as part of your decor. Create a soft, romantic twinkle with flameless candles hung from the ceiling or pump up the party mood by putting coloured bulbs into uplighters and let the colour wash onto the walls of your party room.


Use double-sided tape or adhesive-backed hook and loop closures to temporarily secure decorative items to walls and doors.

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