Easy Decorating Ideas for a 60th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

Getting to the 60-year mark is a wonderful life milestone. So make the decorations easy, simple and affordable. That way you can put more focus on the birthday honoree, the fun and having a good time. Plus, you can reduce the stress, costs and worry of having to deal with decorative items that you only needed for one day.

Happy 60th Banner

Perhaps the easiest and most inexpensive thing to do is to get a "Happy 60th" Birthday banner. You can find them at just about every party supply store. Stretch the banner across the wall of the room where guests will most likely gather. Because banners are inexpensive and easy to put up, you could even consider buying multiple banners to place in other rooms and to use to decorate the exterior of the house.

60 Candles

You don't want to stress out the birthday person by having them blow out 60 candles, but you can quickly and easily set a "60 candles" theme. You can use candles bought from a dollar store and fill the house with candles in various rooms. Use 20 to 30 candles to top the birthday cake so that you can meet the sixty candles concept and place the other candles everywhere. Turn the lights off after the birthday cake is lit to make a warm and glowing effect and have guests join in to sing "Happy Birthday."

60 Cupcakes

If you want to do something different from a traditional birthday cake you can make 60 cupcakes. That way you can make different flavours from chocolate to yellow, red velvet to coconut. The cupcakes can serve as decorations placed in the kitchen, living room and other rooms. You can also have fun by including different icings and toppings on the cupcakes. Assemble a group of cupcakes on a plate and put a candle on the top of each cupcake for the birthday person to blowout.

60 Balloons

Balloons are a classic party symbol that bring a smile to everyone and transform rooms into spaces of celebration. Get sixty balloons and make a balloon bouquet to place in various rooms of the house or areas where the party will be held. If the party is to be held at a restaurant of hotel banquet room, use the sixty balloons concept to decorate tables. If you're having an outdoor barbecue party you can gather all of the balloons together for the birthday person to let go into the night sky, or give them to guests to send into the air.

1960s Album and CD Covers

Use album and CD covers from 1960s music to decorate. Put the music artwork on the centre or buffet table where the food is being served. If you don't have a big collection you can always go on the Internet and print out classic album cover artwork for artists like The Beatles, The Supremes, Frank Sinatra and other artists and bands from the era. Add the album cover artwork to decorate bathrooms, coffee tables and other spots where guests will be gathered and seated.

1960s Classic Car

This idea is simple but not necessarily inexpensive. Rent a 1960s classic car for a day or two. Park it in the driveway on the night during the party. Take guests on a ride through the neighbourhood and make it a memorable gift for the 60th birthday person to enjoy.

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