How to Decorate With a Sage Green Paint Color

Updated February 21, 2017

Sage is a colour derived from the earthy, slightly grey-green colouring of the sage brush plant. Sage is used to create a calm, neutral feeling but sage green paint in a room can be overpowering and feel dull if it is not balanced with the right colours. Bring sage green paint to life with splashes of colour in the furniture and decor to highlight the beauty in the subdued green hues.

Assess the lighting requirements of the room. If the room is devoid of natural light, the sage colour risks making the room feel smaller and dull. Add a large wall mirror, paint window sills or door trim white, or add a couple of lamps to the room to counter this. If you are adding lamps, shades with white or neutral tones are best, so the light they give forth is clean and bright.

Choose neutral-toned furnishings in colours like wheat or taupe. Sage is a naturally a desert plant and is complemented very well by sandy or wheat colours. Lighter wooden furniture will also draw on this colour combination. Avoid bright yellows; dusty yet warm hues will match with sage green, whereas bright gold and yellow will be overpowering.

Include a few statement items, such as a throw rug, cushions or a wall hanging which contain plum, maroon or raspberry colours in them. Adding a touch of warmth to the decor will really balance out the room and counteract any overpowering feeling the sage green colour may create. Purples can also act in this way, but be even more minimalist if choosing to add purple elements into the room; the same goes for rusty orange hues.

Hang crisp, white curtains on the windows. Sage really benefits from white, which makes the latter seem fresher. Silver can also have this effect, but it needs to be used sparingly; a silver candelabra on the mantle, or a silver frame for a wall mirror will brighten the sage.


Avoid blues. Blue hues with the sage paint will darken the room. Even bright blues will clash with, rather than complement sage green.

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