How to Allow Printer Sharing Through McAfee

Updated February 21, 2017

McAfee VirusScan includes a firewall protection utility that will be enabled by default. If left to its factory settings, this firewall may interfere with attempts to share a printer over your home network. This is because data will have to be transmitted over the network to get to the actual printer. It isn't impossible to get this task done, however, as you can adjust the firewall settings in McAfee to allow the printer sharing to go through.

Double-click the "M" icon on your desktop to open McAfee on screen.

Click the "Configure" button.

Click "Internet & Network."

Click the "Advanced" button under the "Firewall" portion of the screen.

Click "Program Permissions." Click on the icon for your printer and click "Allow." Click "OK." Printer sharing is now allowed through your McAfee firewall.

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