How to Make a Flash Costume

Updated July 20, 2017

Flash, the Justice League's wisecracking speed demon, is also one of it's most recognisable members. In his one-piece, red uniform with the yellow lightning bolt motif, he does make a dashing fashion statement in the DC world of superheroes. His costume is really one of the easiest to make. With a tight, long-sleeve shirt, snuggly fitting red trousers, a pair of old boots and some yellow fabric paint, you can join the Justice League as one of its "Flashest" dressers.

Spray paint boots with yellow paint. let dry.

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface. With the fabric marker, draw a circle about three inches across on the front of the shirt. Draw a lightning bolt going through the circle from top left to bottom right. Paint the circle white and the bolt yellow with fabric paint.

Draw a zigzag, lightning bolt border around each sleeve just below the elbows. Paint yellow.

Put on the balaclava. Pull it down under your chin and over your eyes. Carefully mark where your eye holes need to be. Remove. Draw and cut out eye holes. If you are using fleece you shouldn't have to worry about hemming.

Draw two small lightning bolts about three inches long on the yellow craft foam. Cut them out and glue one to each mini frisbee. Glue the frisbees to the sides of the mask.

Draw a version of Flash's lightning blot belt onto the faux leather. Cut it out so the ends overlap in the back. Spray paint it yellow. Glue the Velcro fastener to the ends so it fastens in the back.

Things You'll Need

  • Tight, long-sleeve shirt with high neck
  • Tight pair of red exercise trousers
  • Old pair of boots
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Red gloves
  • Strip of faux leather, four inches wide and two inches longer than the circumference of your waist
  • Two round Velcro fasteners
  • White and Yellow fabric paint
  • Paint brush
  • White fabric marker
  • Red fleece balaclava
  • Scissors
  • Sheet of yellow craft foam
  • Two yellow mini frisbees about two inches across
  • Photo of Flash
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