How to Record Tivo to PC

Updated April 17, 2017

If you use TiVo to record your favourite TV programs to a DVR, transferring programs from your TiVo tuner to your PC is made easy with the TiVo Desktop software. Before you can make use of this software however, you have to connect your TiVo tuner to your PC through a network router. Once your PC is set up to communicate with your TiVo box, you can use the TiVo Desktop software to transfer shows saved in your TiVo to your PC with the click of few buttons.

Set up your network router. Make sure your modem is properly set up and turned on. Plug one end of a network cable into the "Data" port on your modem. Plug the other end of this cable into the "Internet" port on your network router (this port also might be labelled "WAN" or "WLAN"). Connect your router to a power source and turn it on. Wait a minute or two for the "Internet," "WAN," or "WLAN" indicator light to come on, signifying your router has successfully established a connection with your modem. Plug one end of another network cable into the network adaptor port on the back of your PC. Plug the other end of the cable into one of the network ports on your router. Reboot your computer.

Connect your TiVo box to your network router. Insert one end of an Ethernet cable into the "Ethernet" jack on the back of your TiVo box. If you're using a Series 2 Single TiVo tuner you must connect an Ethernet adaptor to the USB port on your TiVo to equip your box with an Ethernet port. Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into one of the available network ports on your router.

Adjust your TiVo settings. Turn on your TV and TiVo tuner. Press the "TiVo" button on your TiVo remote control. Highlight and select "Messages & Settings" from the menu options. Highlight and select "Settings" from the menu options. Highlight and select "Network & Phone" from the menu options. Make sure your TiVo tuner is configured to use Ethernet Network Settings instead of a phone line.

Download and install the TiVo Desktop software from the TiVo website to your computer.

Launch TiVo Desktop.

Click the "Pick Recordings to Transfer" button located at the top of the screen. A list of shows saved on your TiVo hard drive appears.

Put a check mark in the box next to each show title saved in your TiVo that you would like to transfer to your PC. If there is a symbol of a red circle with a slash going through it (instead of a box) next to the show title, it means that the show is unavailable for transfer due to copy right restrictions.

Click the "Start Transfer" button. Transfer time can take up to as long as the duration of the show being transferred. For example, if you're transferring a half hour program from your TiVo to your PC it could take up to 30 minutes for the transfer to be complete.

Things You'll Need

  • TiVo Desktop software
  • Ethernet cable
  • 2 Network cables
  • Network router
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