How do I Read a VIN Number on a Suzuki GSXR Bike?

Updated May 31, 2017

As with any vehicle, the VIN (vehicle identification number) on your Suzuki GSXR is an encoded description that is specific and unique to your particular motorcycle. In general, the code goes from the broadest information (country of manufacture) to the most specific (your particular motorcycle's serial number). On a typical Suzuki GSXR, the VIN will be 17 characters long, and each one tells you something about the vehicle or serves to validate its authenticity.

Look at the first three characters to determine the manufacturer's country, the name of the manufacturer and the general type of vehicle. A typical GSXR VIN will begin with J (for Japan), S (for Suzuki) and 1 (for motorcycle).

Read the next five characters to determine more details about the motorcycle. In sequence, the next five characters will tell you the type of motorcycle, the piston displacement, the engine type, the design sequence and the model variation. For example, according to the Suzuki Cycles website, a GSXR with the character sequence GV73A indicates that the vehicle is a multi-cylinder sport street bike (G), has a displacement of 1100 cubic centimetres (V), has a four-stroke, four-cylinder engine (7), is the third version of this design (3) and is the base version of this model (A).

Look at the next character to determine the VIN's validity. This character will either be an X or a digit from 0 to 9. Manufacturers and authorities check for this character to determine that the VIN is valid.

Read the next character to determine the year of your GSXR. Dating back to 1980, this character will either be a letter (excluding I, O, Q, U and Z) or a digit (0 through 9). The year that corresponds to this letter can be found on the chart on the Suzuki Cycles website (see References).

Look at the next character to determine the motorcycle's factory code. Most Suzuki motorcycles have a 2 in this position if they are manufactured in Japan.


The last six digits of the VIN serve as the identification numbers for that specific motorcycle and are unique to your GSXR. A full list of potential GSXR characters and their corresponding meanings can be found at the Suzuki Cycles website (see References).

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