How to attach snap fasteners

Updated February 21, 2017

Snap fasteners are a precise set of pieces that come together to perform a very simple function. The snaps, once attached to their medium, are just pressed together to form a fastening that is strong and secure. The design of the fasteners comprises four pieces, two internal fastening portions and two external decorative ones. Two of each type of pieces are attached to the item you want to fasten to create the entire snap assembly.

Mark the location where you want to attach each side of the snap on the fabric you are working with using seamstress chalk. You need to be able to clearly see the marks in order to puncture the fabric properly.

Lay the fabric on a piece of wood or other hard surface with the marked portion facing up and make a hole with a leather punch and a hammer. Cut through both marks like this.

Open the snap setting tool and set one smooth snap piece on the lower ring inside the tool. The pointy prongs of the snap should be facing upward.

Put the male side of the snap into the upper ring, with the nipple pointing upward. When you push the snap in it will clip into place.

Put the fabric in the open jaws of the tool and arrange the hole in the fabric over the snap piece. The hole should be centred between the prongs of the snap.

Close the jaws of the tool firmly to attach the snap onto the fabric. The arms of the tool should be completely closed to secure the fastener properly.

Set another smooth snap piece in the lower part of the tool and a female piece in the upper part. The concave hole in the female piece should be facing upward in the tool and will also click into place.

Put the other hole in the jaws of the tool and attach this half in the same way. Do not open the arms of the tool until they have closed completely.


Mark the fabric so you will know immediately which side of the fabric the fastener should go on.


Do not put your fingers near the snap as you close the tool or you could get our fingers caught and hurt.

Things You'll Need

  • Seamstress chalk
  • Wood
  • Leather punch
  • Hammer
  • Snap setting tool
  • Snap pieces
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