How to Change an Avaya 9620 Extension

Updated July 20, 2017

The Avaya 9620 is one of the new models of IP voice terminals. The 9620 includes embedded speech recognition software that allows users to dial anyone of the possible 250-member contact list by simply speaking their name. Changing the extension of the phone requires access to Avaya Site Administration software loaded on a PC connected to the corporate network. It also requires Administrator permissions on the Avaya voice server. Follow these steps to change the extension of an Avaya 9620 IP phone set.

Log into the Avaya Site Administration software with a current username and password.

Click on the name of the phone system in the window located at the upper right corner of the screen. Click the down arrow for additional selections if more than one system has been set up.

Click the "System" tab and select "General," then "Start GEDI." Wait for the system to connect.

Click the down arrow in the upper left action bar and click on "List Extension Type." Click the "Send" tab located just right of the action bar. The screen will populate with the current configured extensions. Locate an unused extension number by scrolling through the entries and make a note of it. Disregard this step if you already know the new extension you want to use.

Type "Display Station" and enter the extension number in the action bar. Press the return key or click the "Enter" tab. Check to make sure this is the station you want to change.

Type "Change Extension" and enter in the old extension number in the action bar. Press return or click the "Enter" tab. The "Change Station Extension" form will appear. Click under the "To Extension" box and enter in the new extension. The new extension will auto populate the entries for "Message Lamp" and "Emergency Location Ext." Click on the "Enter" tab or press the "F3" key to make the changes.

Type "Display Station" and enter the new extension number. Verify that the changes were entered correctly.

Log off and exit the system.


Click the "Cancel" tab at any time to abort the changes.

Things You'll Need

  • Avaya Site Administration software
  • Current login and password
  • Computer
  • Network connection
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