How to Send a Mobile to India

Updated March 23, 2017

Due to India's booming economy, an increasing amount of its population are adopting mobile phones as part of their everyday lives. As a result, entrepreneurs have realised that exporting mobile phones to India can be a profitable business. You should, however, be aware of India's policies on the importation of mobile phones as well as the legal procedures in the country of export as well as the country of import.

Check to see if the phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). An IMEI is unique to every phone and helps government authorities and mobile networks to block stolen phones. Exporting a phone to India without an IMEI is illegal.

Abide by the export rules and regulations in the country of origin. Some countries have implemented export controls on some technological goods, and thus limit the exporting of some electronic items.

Abide by Indian customs regulations. Most electrical items arriving in India are subject to an excise duty of 5 per cent of the estimated value of the product.


Many phones are locked to a single mobile operator. Most of these phones may be unlocked in the country of export or in India


The majority of mobile phone operators in India operate on the 900MHz band. Check to see if your phone is compatible with this band before sending your phone to India.

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