How to Unlock a Touch Screen Samsung Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

Samsung has a variety of new touch screen phones on the market. Touch screen phones are designed so that you have an all-in-one device available at your fingertips. Sometimes the screens are a little sensitive, and the phone can become activated when it is in your purse, bag, or pant pocket. Samsung has found a remedy for this by creating a method by which you can lock and unlock your phone. This prevents you from accidentally dialling a number or from accessing an application when you do not mean to.

Press any button to wake the phone up from sleep mode. The phone will go into standby mode, which means it will light up and be ready for you to use it.

Press the “Talk” key. Hit the “Menu” key, or the “Volume” key. Press the “Left/Right Soft Key.” Each Samsung is a little different, and your user manual will tell you exactly what key to push.

Enter your four-digit unlock code when the phone prompts you to enter it. This code is given to you when you activate the phone. The phone will unlock and you can now use the device.

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