How to Troubleshoot an Overheating Advent Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Advent laptops come in a variety of models, but troubleshooting overheating problems in all of the Advent lines is a similar process. Overheating can be caused by dirt and dust in the laptop, the fan not turning on at appropriate times or inadequate ventilation on the laptop's work surface.

Lower the brightness on your Advent laptop. A brighter screen makes the laptop run hotter and may push your laptop to overheat.

Check under the laptop for dust and clogged intake vents. Use canned air to clean off any dust on the bottom of your Advent laptop.

Change the working surface of your laptop. If you are sitting your laptop on your lap, a bed or another soft surface, it may not be able to properly vent out heat. Use a desk or laptop desk instead.

Put your Advent laptop on a laptop cooling pad or docking station with fans. The additional fans provide extra cooling for your laptop and may stop it from overheating.

Move your laptop to a cooler room. Ambient temperature might be driving the operating temperatures up to dangerous levels.

Things You'll Need

  • Canned air
  • Laptop cooler
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