How to run backup wii games from a disc channel

You have backed up your Wii games on burnable DVD discs, and now you want to play them through a disc channel on your Wii menu. If your Wii has a mod chip, it has been hard-modded and it is ready to run Wii backup discs: You need nothing else. If you have a newer Wii with a D3-2 DVD drive, it will not read backup discs at all without a mod chip. Once your Wii is soft-modded, or modded through the use of software, to run the Homebrew Channel, you can set up and run your backup games using the NeoGamma Disc Channel.

Download the NeoGamma files to your desktop. (See the link in the Resources section.) This folder contains the necessary files for this tutorial. When it downloads, right click and unzip the downloaded folder to the desktop.

Insert the SD card into your computer, and open it to see its contents. Copy the "apps" and "NeoGamma" folders that you downloaded onto the root of the SD card. If a pop-up says the "apps" folder already exists, click "yes" to merge the folders.

Open the "wad" folder on the root of the SD card. If there isn't one, create a new folder and name it "wad." Copy into this folder the "Neogamma R9B37 - NG37.wad" you downloaded. Close all the folders, and eject the SD card from your computer.

Insert the SD card into the Wii and run the Wad Manager. (If you have the Homebrew Channel, you have the Wad Manager). Choose the "Neogamma R9B37 - NG37.wad," and install it.

Reboot your Wii. You will see the NeoGamma Disc Channel on your opening Wii Menu. Insert your backup disc, run NeoGamma and select "Launch Disc."


Do not change the names of any of the files. If you do, you may have to re-download and try again. Not all games will work. Watch for updates with NeoGamma.


Any change to your system files other than those in the steps has the potential to ruin your Wii. Use caution. Use these steps only for games you have purchased. Downloading games you do not own is illegal.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft-modded Wii
  • Burnt Wii backup game
  • SD card (no SDHC)
  • NeoGamma files
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