How to Fix an Unidentified Network in Windows Vista

Updated February 21, 2017

An "Unidentified Network" in the Windows Vista operating system is a wireless network that is not automatically broadcasting its "SSID", or "Name." In the list of wireless networks that Windows Vista finds it will simply show up as "Unidentified Network." Before you can connect to this particular wireless network you will have to provide Windows Vista with the SSID of the network at the appropriate time during the connection process.

Click "Start."

Click "Connect To."

Click "Unidentified Network" from the list of available wireless networks and click "Connect".

Type the SSID for the network into the box on screen. The SSID will be available by contacting the network's system administrator. It will also be written on the bottom of the wireless router or modem that is creating the network.

Click "Connect". The network will no longer be listed as "Unidentified Network" and you will now be connected to it and, by association, the Internet.

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